Property Portfolio: Cash vs Leverage

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Consider the following scenario of investing in a £200,000 property in the UK. Please note that this example assumes average growth and rental returns of 5% per annum and does not include buying and selling costs.

Cash Purchase:

  • £200,000 investment generating gross rentals of £100,000. However, agent fees, expenses, and taxes on the remaining profit must be considered.
  • Assuming a 5% annual increase in property value over 10 years, the property would be worth £325,778, resulting in a capital gain of £125,778 against the initial investment of £200,000 + £100,000 rental income – expenses and taxes.
  • After factoring in estimated costs of 40% on the rental income, the total return on investment would be £60,000 + £125,778 = £185,778.
  • This reflects a 93% return on investment over the ten-year period.

Leveraged Purchase:

  • Assuming the same numbers as above, but not counting rental returns as they cover finance and other costs. Additionally, refinancing and reinvestment during the holding period are not considered.
  • With a £200,000 investment, four £200,000 properties are acquired using 75% loan-to-value (LTV), requiring a £50,000 deposit on each property.
  • With a compounded annual increase of 5%, the value of each property reaches £325,778, resulting in a gain of £125,778 per property and a total capital gain increase of £503,112 over the four acquired properties.
  • Calculating the return on investment shows an increase of 252% over the same period, more than double the return of the cash purchase.

It is important to note that various factors, including market conditions, rental demand, and interest rates, can influence the performance of an investment property. However, this example demonstrates the potential power of leveraging an investment to generate significant returns over time.

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