London Rental Market 2023

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Rising Demand, Increased Rents, and Growing Investment Opportunities

Over the past year, the demand for living in London has witnessed a significant surge, resulting in the highest level of net additions since the Brexit referendum. As city dwellers return post-pandemic, the population growth has outpaced the supply of housing, exacerbating the existing undersupply issue. This has created immense pressure on London’s rental market, especially considering the presence of over 4 million renters.

According to statistics from the Office of National Statistics (ONS), London rents have increased by 4.4% in the twelve months leading up to January 2023, marking a rise from 4.2% in the previous twelve months ending in December 2022.

Last year alone, investors allocated nearly £3 billion to build-to-rent schemes in London, reflecting the rapid growth and increased capital influx within this sector. Particularly in the wake of the pandemic, renters are increasingly seeking high-quality housing options, and our portfolio of newbuild offerings caters to their needs, especially for corporate tenants.

With access to the largest selection of projects in the capital, we can provide expert guidance on the projects that best align with your portfolio and future aspirations. Our comprehensive evaluation takes into account factors such as price point, payment plans, financing options, and overall investment strategy. From our extensive range of over 425 projects, we will curate a tailored shortlist to meet your requirements.

To learn more, you can download our Investment guide or reach out to us directly on 0208 126 8700.

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